LP150 Low Profile XY Stage

LP150 Low Profile X-Y Stage

The LP150 is a low profile XY stage with 155mm x 155mm travel in a compact 300mm x 290mm x 70mm (12” x 11.5” x 2.75”) envelope, making it a perfect motion platform for use in desktop inspection and metrology instruments.  While compact, performance is strong.  Horizontal and vertical straightness of travel is guaranteed to be better than 2μm/25mm, and a hysteresis-free linear encoder gives the LP150 a bidirectional repeatability of ±0.5μm.

For lower overall cost and ease of integration, the LP150 has stepper motors with integral controllers and drivers.  An internal, high-flex, long life cable loop brings power and communication to the upper axis.  Serial communication with a computer is configured as a multi-drop RS422/485 system.  A single connection is all that is required for closed loop, XY positioning.

Stage Travel 155mm x 155mm
Straightness of Travel ±2.0μm/155mm
Flatness of Travel ±3.0μm/155mm
Drive Screw 0.050" or 0.100" Lead Screw, Anti-backlash Nut
Motor and Controller IMS MDrive Plus
Position Feedback 0.5μm Linear Encoder
Bidirectional Repeatability ±0.5μm
Linear Accuracy* ±3.0μm
Input Power 24VDC Standard, 48VDC Optional
Load Capacity 10kg
Weight of Stage 5.5Kg

*After Linear Error Compensation

LP150 Low Profile X-Y Stage Dimension Drawings