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HS60 Center Drive Stage

With its rigid body, center drive, and precision lapped lead screw, the HS60 stage offers superior performance for applications requiring fast step and settle performance with an open loop stepper or encoded rotary servo motor.  For improved bi-directional repeatability and long-term accuracy, a non-contact, hysteresis free linear encoder is available as an option.

Features include:

  • High precision lapped lead screw drive
  • NEMA23 Motor Mount
  • 3mm Crossed Roller Bearing Guides
  • Supports Open Frame Linear Encoder
  • Optical End-of -Travel Limits and Home Switch
Stage Travel 60mm (2.5”)
Maximum Yaw Error ±15µrad (±3 arc-sec)
Maximum Pitch Error ±20µrad (±4 arc-sec)
Straightness/Flatness of Travel ±1.0µm
Open Loop Accuracy ±3.0µm
Closed Loop Accuracy (0.1µm linear encoder) ±1.5µm


HS Series Center Drive Stage Dimension Drawings