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Our goal is to keep you informed about relevant industry news as well as what we are up to and how we can support you as your source for precision automation and manufacturing solutions.

Construction Progress On Our New Facility Through June 2019

July 3, 2019
New facility construction progress through June 2019 video thumbnail

The progress on our new facility is moving along nicely.  Check out the video to see the progress so far.

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Lasers And The Motion Control Industry

July 3, 2019
laser guide star system at ESO's Paranal Observatory

There are many applications in the precision motion industry that include lasers.  For example, you could have laser encoders integrated into a positioning stage to provide the finest resolution and highest accuracy or it could be a positioning stage built with the final application being to provide a motion platform for laser cutting.  The point being, most applications that involve lasers also include some sort of motion platform. With the…

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The Six Degrees Of Freedom

May 31, 2019
Illustration showing the six degrees of freedom with an X axis, Y axis, Z axis, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw

In the precision motion industry, the goal is to achieve certain performance specifications for an applications movement profile.  The movement profile can range from simple to complex, but is always based on at least one, if not all of the six degrees of freedom. The six degrees of freedom refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space.  Specifically, the position and orientation of a rigid…

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