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Adding New Machines In Dynamic

March 31, 2021
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As a supplier within the semiconductor industry, here is what we are doing to manage the supply shortages around the world. Our efforts to grow as a qualified supplier go far beyond the production of new products on the side of Reliant Systems Inc. As a vertically integrated company, we have also put continued focus on the growth of our machining capabilities. Our commitment has been shown through the addition…

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Shortages In The Semiconductor Industry

March 31, 2021
Silicon wafer

(picture of silicon wafer – photo credit: As companies and education systems continue to shift towards remote access as the new norm, the demand for collaborative technology such as laptops, phones and tablets has been on a rapid incline over the past year. As we know, the semiconductor industry is the driving force when it comes to producing these products. The overwhelming demand for these products has created a…

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Quality Control and Inspection

February 1, 2021
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Quality and accuracy are very important to us. When building high precision positioning stages that require very high accuracy, the parts we manufacture need to have very tight tolerances as well. Some of these stages are used in the medical device manufacturing, semiconductor, and laser machining industries where the quality and accuracy of these stages are vital to production. To ensure all parts are made to exact specifications, our quality…

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