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Our goal is to keep you informed about relevant industry news as well as what we are up to and how we can support you as your source for precision automation and manufacturing solutions.

Largest 3D Printer In The World

January 2, 2019
Wide and High Additive Manufacturing (WHAM) composite 3D printing machine

Being in the motion industry, it is interesting to see the evolving capabilities and sheer size of some of the applications that incorporate motion.  A good example of this is the “largest 3D printer in the world”.  Ingersoll’s Wide and High Additive Manufacturing (WHAM) machines break new ground in the additive manufacturing industry not just for sheer size capabilities with a work envelope of 23′ W x 10′ H x…

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Growth In The Laser Cutting Industry

January 2, 2019
Laser cutting machine

When looking back on 2018, the predicted growth of the laser cutting industry is on track and many experts say the industry is projected to have significant growth over the next 5 years.  We have seen growth in the need for precision motion in the laser cutting industry as well. With the expected levels of growth throughout 2018, estimates were putting the industry value at about $3.77 billion by the…

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The Engineering Design Process

December 4, 2018
Engineering drawing of a stage assembly

When it comes to the engineering and design of precision motion assemblies there are many variables that come into play.  Having good engineering best practices and an iterative design process in place is key to any successful project whether it is a modification to a standard stage or a completely new design. At Reliant Systems we have implemented a form to track the progress of new design projects, so we…

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