Illustration of a bottle fill-level inspection system as an example of a machine vision system
(Image source: Cognex)

Machine vision systems rely on digital sensors inside industrial cameras with specialized optics to acquire images, so that computer hardware and software can process, analyze, and measure various characteristics for decision making.

There are 4 basic machine vision applications: Guidance, Identification, Gauging, and Inspection.

The global machine vision market is valued at around 10 Billion (USD) currently.  The growing demand for machine vision, regardless of verticals, has driven tremendous CAGR over the last 5 years.  By the year 2025, the market is expected to surpass 18.24 billion (USD)!

In the automation industry, the quick processing ability of machine vision systems is allowing companies to churn out product at a faster rate and accomplish new throughput milestones while experiencing negligible defect rates.  The increasing adoption of robotics with better costs and higher productivity is also driving much of this machine vision and detection market.  The leaders in this space such as Cognex, Datalogic, and IVISYS, utilize a combination of proprietary software and hardware to gain market advantage.

Verticals seeing the highest growth are Medical and Pharmaceutical, while continued growth of electronic and semiconductor, 3D printing, and packaging/labeling in the food and beverage industry round it out.  Defect Identification leads the charge in Automotive & semiconductor with early adopters in these other markets reaping the benefits of solving complex industrial tasks with reliability.

Reliant Systems manufactures precision stages that guide these optical systems and or materials for many leading machine vision product customers in the laser, medical, semiconductor, and metrology inspection industries.  Our precision stages are helping to create the move profiles for these amazing advancements in automation and we are proud to be partnered with some of the market leaders in this space.