Human and Collaborative Robot working together
(Image source: Robotics & Automation News)

Automation into 2020 and beyond is a focus and integration shift for every industry.

Forrester, a leading researcher has predicted that around 1million jobs will be replaced in 2020 by software robotics, RPA, virtual agents such as checkout and check in as well as machine learning-based decision management systems.

Statements made like this from researchers has workers envisioning a world like in movies such as the Terminator or the Matrix where humans have lost their foothold and robots rule the world.  We view automation and robotics as increasing efficiency and quality to ensure people have better product at more affordable prices from automotive and electronics to medical devices.  In our industry we mention terms such as repeatability, accuracy, and flatness and straightness.  These are specifications our customers want or need to create quality products with precision movement such as inspecting, cutting, and welding.

Repetitive tasks, incidents, commodity tasks like swiping groceries at a checkout and other lower skilled tasks will likely replace a large % of human workforce in 2020 and beyond.  Most organizations have automated at least 20% of their service desk and some up to 80% already.  The one thing that remains clear is that robotic and motion automation is still low hanging fruit.  The world market for process automation and robotic process automation will reach $7.7 billion.  Much of this growth is business tackling integration and throughput problems in the manufacturing industry from medical to automotive.  Eliminating tasks for people is key but the human element of this industry is not in jeopardy as automation coupled with skilled workers can drastically improve production and minimize defects.

The ability to move parts, tools, lasers, welders, machine vision products and inspection heads with precise movements and repeatability is where businesses like Reliant Systems shine.  We are exceptional at integrating and automating movement into these industries.  As efficiency and productivity become the core focus of many factories and plants the word Cobots or Collaborative Robots is mentioned quite frequently.  The term applies to devices, tools, and machinery meant to work alongside humans as opposed to replacing them outright.  It’s a synergistic approach to automating and optimizing the factory floors of tomorrow.  We are excited for 2020 and the automation boom here at RSI and look forward to more projects with our customers in the medical device manufacturing, laser cutting and welding, metrology inspection, machine vision, semiconductor inspection, and additive manufacturing industries.